Lifestyle Portrait -- Leah

Sometimes you're lucky enough to meet someone in life like Leah. One look at her physique, you will undoubtedly feel inspired. Well, either that, or you'll hate her! But talk to her, and you will pick up tips about health, food, exercise, running, juicing, yoga,.. goes on and on. 

She started out as a stay at home mom who basically wanted to stay active. She picked up spinning and became a spinning instructor at various local gyms. This turned into a mini career in cycling and notched some big races including a dua-thlon competition representing the US in Italy.

She quickly turned to running and racked serious miles in the last two years running in a half dozen or so marathons all around the nation, including the prestigious Boston Marathon. She may not regard herself as as a world class runner, but it's hard to deny her accomplishments and work ethic.

Her new passion is Yoga. She currently teaches yoga and inspires people to live healthy everyday. She's an inspiration no doubt. 

Sometimes you're lucky enough to meet someone in life like Leah... or she can be your very own sister. I present my big sister, Meleah Shank. 

Her real secret to her successes... having a pretty cool and supportive family. Greg her husband along with Ethan and Eileen! 


Family Portrait -- The Feigofskys

I met Suzy through my sister Leah. My sister is a spinning instructor and now a yoga teacher as well. She has a great network and when Suzy mentioned she needed some family portraits done, Leah introduced us and this is the result. Her sister, Jo-Ann flew in from Florida just in time for the shoot. We hung out at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. Gorgeous place and we had a blast! The kids were active and kept everyone smiling. It was a pleasure and honor to capture these images for Suzy and her family.